Our Advanced Fleet

Investment in Technology

Jeff Bryan Transport employs the latest technologies to ensure timely, troche breakage-free delivery and employee, motorist and environmental safety.

Bendix ABS-6, with ESP Stability System

  • The only ABS-based rollover/jackknife/loss of control assist system.
  • Automatically applies dynamic power or braking where necessary.
  • A necessity for North America’s wet, snowy and icy roads.

VORAD ® Collision Warning System

  • Warns of hazards ahead, such as stopped or slow vehicles.
  • Helps drivers “see” through fog, snow and rain.
  • Provides augmented blind spot visibility.

Star Trak ReeferTrak

  • Wireless remote access for temperature monitoring and adjustment.

NITE System No-Idle

  • Provides heating and cooling for driver comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly.